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Reply to FDL Statement on Health Care Reform from MA voter

January 20th, 2010 by selise

This was my reply (slightly edited) to Jane’s FDL Statement on Health Care Reform:


As a Massachusetts voter, I can say that my lack of enthusiasm for yesterday’s election was certainly due to the behind the scenes corporate deal making and bailouts for the banking and insurance industries as well as big pharma and others at the expense of real reform for ordinary Americans.

The Obama administration, with help from Congress, has made the biggest transfer of wealth up from ordinary people to the wealthy and powerful in the history of the planet. This is not the change we hoped for.

What happened to the fierce urgency of now? Or is that only for banksters and insurance executives?

What the country needs now are real solutions to our very real problems. It is beyond frustrating that there are obvious solutions to benefit the vast majority of Americans and my own party refuses to even consider them — apparently because they might anger some corporate donors.

Healthcare reform is a perfect example of this.

For years we, as a country, have been paying for comprehensive universal healthcare and not getting it. A single payer system, such as in H.R. 676 or S.703, is the obvious solution and it should be a no brainer to everyone not intent on protecting the insurance industry over the well being and security of Americans.

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