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Hearings today: TVA’s poison and Daschle on health

January 8th, 2009 by selise

Just a quick note on two important hearings today (see weekly list for more of today’s hearings):

10 am – Senate Environment and Public Works
Oversight Hearing on the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Recent Major Coal Ash Spill

Panel 1:

  • Tom Kilgore, President and CEO, Tennessee Valley Authority

Panel 2:

  • Stephen A. Smith DVM, Executive Director, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
  • William "Howie" Rose, Director of Emergency Management Services, Roane County, Tennessee

For background, see Kirk Murphy’s posts:

  • How Can We Trust The EPA On Coal’s Poisons After Their 9/11 Lies?
  • Arsenic from Coal Ash Disaster 100 Times More than Allowed
  • Has TVA Been Stockpiling Lies Along With Toxic Coal Wastes?

10 am – Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions
Hearing for Secretary of Health and Human Services-Designate, Former Senate Majority Leader Thomas A. Daschle


  • Thomas A. Daschle, Former Majority Leader of the United States Senate, Aberdeen, SD

Live streaming expected at committee websites and CSPAN (direct real player links: CSPAN, CSPAN-2, CSPAN-3, CSPAN Radio).

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