Bush Scandals List

356. Pentagon aeronautics contractor supplies dubious products for aircraft

According to a May 22, 2008 Project on Government Oversight article, a September 2006 Army memo accused a major aeronautics composite material manufacturer Airtech International Inc from 1997 to 2005 of fraud in supplying products which did not conform to contract specifications, of routinely changing the composition of these products without informing customers, and of paying bribes and kickbacks to defense contractors to use its products. Airtech customers include most of the aircraft building companies in the world, including Pentagon contractors Boeing, Sikorsky, Lockheed Martin, and Bell Helicopter and its composite materials are used in commercial planes like the 747 and military craft like the C-17, F-18, and Joint Strike Fighter. The Army investigator who authored the memo wrote, “In my career investigating allegations of fraudulent acts against the DoD, seldom have I come across a company with such brazen disregard for the safety of soldiers and civilians as well as for the sanctity of laws, regulations and rules.” The memo was forwarded to the Air Force but up to the time of the POGO article in May 2008, it had still not taken any action with regard to Airtech and the company was still allowed to sell its products to defense manufacturers. In 2006 the FAA did an investigation of its own into Airtech. In the typical industry friendly way for which it has become known, the FAA informed Airtech in advance of its investigation into possible criminal wrongdoing, lent undue credence to what Airtech told it, and concluded that Airtech had nothing to answer for. Even so the FAA passed the matter on to the Department of Transportation Inspector General.

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