Bush Scandals List

351. Iraqi anti-corruption chief held out to dry

Radhi Hamza al Radhi was Iraq’s former chief anti-corruption officer and headed its Commission of Public Integrity. He documented $18 billion worth of corruption by the American supported government of Nouri al Maliki that crippled reconstruction efforts in the country. After 31 of his employees were killed and having survived assassination attempts, he fled to the United States, but he has not been granted asylum. Why? A senior State Department official, i.e. Condoleezza Rice or a subordinate at her behest, angered by al Radhi’s embarrassing revelations ordered State Department employees not to give al Radhi references or to contact him. The result is that al Radhi can not work or support himself. In hearings on this on May 12, 2008, Senate Byron Dorgan (D-ND) said it best, “This is about betrayal.”

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