Bush Scandals List

350. Poorly secured nuclear material at Lawrence Livermore

In April 2008 in an exercise, a government team posing as terrorists gained access to Lawrence Livermore National Lab located east of San Francisco and succeeded in their goal of seizing simulated nuclear materials. Livermore is home to a ton of plutonium and highly enriched uranium, enough for several hundred nuclear weapons. Homes and schools are located nearby and some 7 million people live within a 50 mile radius of it. During the exercise, Special Response Teams and SWAT were not deployed effectively. A truck mounted Gatling gun was unable to fire because its hydraulics failed. No one has ever studied what the effects would be if in a fire fight some of its 4000 rounds a minute ended up in the surrounding community. No one has modeled either attacks where, oh say, someone flew a plane into Building 332 where the real nuclear material is stored or if suicide bombers blew up nuclear material in situ. The question remains why poorly secured nuclear material is stored so close to a major metropolitan area.

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