Bush Scandals List

336. Monica Goodling strikes again

The Justice Department Inspector General is investigating whether Monica “Loyalty Oaths” Goodling kept a DOJ attorney Leslie Hagen from being re-appointed to a post in Washington because she was a lesbian. Hagen was a protégée of Tom Heffelfinger (see item 109) who while US Attorney for Minnesota headed the subcommittee on Native American issues (NAIS) and who was one of the US Attorneys forced out although not fired as part of US Attorney firing scandal (see item 2). On his recommendation, Hagen was named the DOJ liaison to NAIS. Despite receiving outstanding job evaluations and her supervisors wanting to keep her on, in October 2006, she was told her contract would not be renewed. The rationale given was her post was for one year only and meant to be rotated. There were two problems with this. Two other people in Hagen’s office did have their “yearly” contracts renewed, and her position remained vacant for months after she left. Goodling was aware of Hagen because a few months before the contract determination was made Goodling inexplicably removed Hagen from dealing with issues of child exploitation and abuse. Back channeling also indicated that Goodling had a problem with Hagen’s sexual orientation. This is just another example of how the Justice Department has been gutted under Bush, an inevitable consequence of when stupid, dim-witted know nothing bigots are allowed to hang topnotch lawyers out to dry.

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