Bush Scandals List

332. Running interference for crooks in LA

US Attorney for the Central District of California (LA) Thomas O’Brien was confirmed on October 4, 2007 as the permanent replacement for Debra Wong Yang (see item 169). In March 2008, O’Brien disbanded the office’s 17 member public integrity unit that was involved in the ongoing investigation of Representative Jerry Lewis (R-CA). In defense of the decision, office spokesman Thom Mrozek made the bizarre claim that closing the unit would actually have a beneficial impact on prosecutions of this type. This is the kind of reasoning that would tell you that the best way to get a college education would be to close all colleges. To top it off, O’Brien was so proud of his decision that he threatened attorneys if they talked to the press about it. The politicization of the Department of Justice under Bush and now Mukasey continues.

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