Bush Scandals List

284. Al Hubbard wrongheaded Bush economic adviser leaves post

On November 28, 2007, Al Hubbard a top Bush economic advisor and chairman of the National Economic Council announced his resignation to be effective by the end of the year. Hubbard joined the Council at the beginning of Bush’s second term and leaves in the midst of the subprime fiasco, an ongoing crisis in credit markets, a correction in the stock market, and skyhigh oil prices. On all this, he opined, “We obviously have problems in the housing sector and we have problems in the financial sector, but . . . real America is doing just fine.” “Real” in this context I take to mean “wealthy”. Hubbard backed the Administration’s benighted stance on global warming, its push to privatize Social Security, its opposition to the SCHIP bill (see item 222), and its desire to tax healthcare benefits as income. In other words, Hubbard is a near archetypal example of the Bush advisor. They screw everything up. They get everything wrong, and do so from positions of great responsibility. Then they leave.

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