Bush Scandals List

261. CIA Director investigates his own Inspector General

In a blatant conflict of interest compromising the integrity and independence of the office of the CIA Inspector General, having a chilling effect upon it, and operating outside usual governmental guidelines, CIA Director Michael Hayden ordered (circa October 2007) an internal inquiry headed by a close aide Robert Dietz into John Helgerson the CIA Inspector General. Helgerson has been criticized by those involved in the CIA’s controversial detention and interrogation programs for looking a little too closely at their activities. Apparently torturers have feelings too. Who knew?

On December 23, 2007, it was announced that what a CIA spokesman called a "management review" into Helgerson’s leadership had been "largely" completed. Helgerson has agreed to about a dozen different changes to allow CIA personnel greater latitude to defend themselves in his reports. Having trampled upon the independence of the Inspector General, an unnamed senior CIA official said, "We have no interest in trampling upon the independence of the I.G." Of course not, the interest was to protect those at the CIA who engaged in or approved of illegal activities. Trampling upon the independence of the agency’s IG was just gravy.

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