Bush Scandals List

240. ADVISE DHS data mining program inappropriately reviewed

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ran a massive data mining program called ADVISE (Analy sis, Dissemina tion, Visu ali zation, Insight and Semantic Enhance ment) from 2004 to mid 2006. It was one of 12 and run out of the Directorate for Science and Technology. ADVISE sifted through personal information on ordinary Americans derived from 50 DHS and 100 other databases. Aside from being expensive and ineffective, it moved from the trial stage to operation without a required privacy review or business case why it should be used. Because of the lack of a privacy review, three pilot programs run off of ADVISE were quietly suspended in March 2007. There is talk of canceling ADVISE but as I have said before these programs seldom die and their information is almost never destroyed.

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