Bush Scandals List

116. Watch lists (so many, so large, so ineffective)

As of September 2007, the terrorist watchlist of the National Counterterrorism Center: the bizarrely named Terrorists Identity Datamart Environment (TIDE) has 500,000 names representing 400,000 people. The Transportation Security Administration’s no-fly list had 44,000 names on it as of October 2006. 75,000 others are on an extra screening list (CBS). The FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) keeps the government’s consolidated master watchlist which it makes available to other government agencies. Its list has grown from 158,374 names in June 2004 to 754,960 names in May 2007, an increase of about 200,000 a year. The size of the lists, that they contain numerous errors, that it is difficult or impossible to remove names or correct errors, the presence of common names, and the ease with which these lists can be subverted by real terrorists raise questions why such large, sloppy lists exist at all.

On August 18, 2008, a federal appeals court of the Ninth Circuit in a 2-1 opinion ruled that passengers could demand a judge and jury decide whether they were rightfully included on the TSA’s no-fly list.

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